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More than a novel, a mission


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Is reality really what we think?

A fusion of science and the mystical
may hold the key.

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Peace Tigers

by Dave Martelon

Reality, as we understand it, is about to be redefined. Malcolm Tilden, a former DC native and reluctant initiate in a Tibetan monastery, embarks on a journey to meet his fate. In the wake of a global catastrophe, Malcolm and his best friend, Aimi Ueshiba, face off against the sinister Music Man and his reptilian army to fulfill a prophecy as old as civilization. It isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, and the conflict isn’t over.

Fortunately, Malcolm and Aimi have some quirky but powerful mentors. To succeed and live to train the next generation of initiates, they must embrace a blend of ancient and modern mysteries, joining their heads and their hearts in a shared destiny to bring peace back to their neighborhood—and the world beyond.

Peace Tigers is an engaging blend of science fiction and spiritual exploration, challenging us to the true nature of our purpose. Come discover these enigmatic secrets one lesson at a time.

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From the Prologue

Zi died on my birthday. And it wasn’t one of those backyard barbeque days with a harmonized song and intellectual banter I knew growing up. No, I ushered in my eighteenth year surrounded by the stench and chaos of war.

The lands surrounding the monastery had been turned into a battlefield, and our teacher’s killer stood over his body with a smile of such sick satisfaction that a foreign emotion welled up within me. Hate.
I wasn’t the only one. I felt Aimi’s reaction, and if I knew the resolve my best friend was capable of, she would avenge Zi’s death. Aimi may not have watched all the martial arts films I had, but it was common knowledge that’s what you did when your master was murdered.
Kneeling in pain and confusion, I was less resolved. I’d witnessed the entire event and knew that Zi allowed it to happen. But why? I wanted to believe there was some greater purpose, a higher design, but realized this was my human nature shining through, my unquenchable desire for meaning. Unfortunately, I’d recently had a crash course on the alternative. I learned that sometimes our heroes die, and we don’t always get to know why.
Although it was never that simple with Zi. This was due to the last phrase he projected into our heads. Embrace every moment. As usual, it meant more than the collection of words. They were often puzzles—gifts that kept on giving. While hardly the birthday present I’d hoped for from Zi, the question was, what the hell did it mean?

About the Author


A technology executive by trade, Dave Martelon never aspired to write a novel. Nevertheless, in witnessing the trend of separation in society, from the real-world problems of bullying to world conflict, he was compelled to tell a story that relays an important message: self-love is not selfish. When we learn to unconditionally love ourselves, it opens a reserve of unlimited love and service we can provide to others. Inspired by three lifelong interests—the Japanese martial art form Aikido, quantum physics, and world peace—Peace Tigers is a call to action to solve what ails us, a call for more Peace Tigers.


Dave is living a simple love story with his wife in a tiny-ish house in Denver, CO.

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